ambreigns-breakorbitneville said: HAPPY BIRTHDAY SOPHIE!!! <33 i love you lots okay? You're a perfect human being and i hope you have an amazing birthday :D

Thank you 😊 x

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Birthday selfie🎈🎂🎉 #22 #birthday #selfie

Birthday selfie🎈🎂🎉 #22 #birthday #selfie

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It’s my birthday!

So I’m 22 today, nothing exciting but so far I’ve been informed by my boyfriend that’s he’s taking me to Munich in November. And I also got a happy birthday tweet off Andrew WK haha, so random but awesome. Also it’s Fergal Devitt’s birthday and so I wished him a happy birthday on twitter and he favourited it. So far so good 😄

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July 25,1981, the Prince was born

Happy 33rd Birthday,Fergal “Prince” Devitt

So chuffed we share a birthday 😄 happy birthday big man 😘

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I want to hug him

I&#8217;m a bit in love with Pewds


I want to hug him

I’m a bit in love with Pewds

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Sometimes he can look so innocent tho.

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Look, new hair!

Look, new hair!

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2014 so far: dean ambrose

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